Every child needs a place to Be
nurtured & inspired

Beyond food & shelter... let's empower orphans for their future.


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The Children’s Home

Faith In Deeds is a loving Children’s Home that provides 24/7 care for orphaned and abandoned children in India. As the children’s lives are transformed through God’s love and discipleship, the whole community is blessed as they are empowered with skills, live out their faith, and give back.

College Scholarship & Job Training

As teens at the Children’s Home are finishing high school they can apply for our College Scholarship or Job Training program which better equips them for their future.

Sustainability Projects

We encourage small local businesses to provide for and strengthen families. We also have a fish farm, and a small agricultural farm with cows, water buffaloes, goats, and chickens. These projects help to provide quality food for the Children’s Home and give our teens valuable learning opportunities.

Community Outreach

The older children serve food for their community and pray for them because they remember what it is like to be hungry. The kids are empowered to give back and to develop leadership skills as they help others.


Rescue children from India’s slums.


Disciple them in the way of Christ.


Reintegrate them into their communities.

We are a family for hurting children. We get to know each child in a nurturing and fun environment, and by God’s grace empower them with Hope.

Built to Bless… this place is just what they needed.

The new Children’s Home is now home to many children who otherwise wouldn’t have a safe place.

Child Spotlight

Every child matters. These children have been rescued from child labor, abuse, or survival on the streets. At Faith In Deeds they now have the freedom to be a kid, to play, to learn, and to make friends. These are their stories.