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If you want to learn about Faith In Deeds, check out the testimonials from people who have experience with it. You might be surprised at what you discover.


Stephanie Lawrence LMHC

Faith In Deeds is a place in which kids find the safety, structure and support that enables them to play, learn and grow. As a Registered Play Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor I have had the great privilege to work and play with the children and the dedicated staff at Faith in Deeds for the past few years, and have been amazed at the commitment this organization has to empower each child to overcome adversity with resilience, faith and hope for a brighter future.

Clayton Thompson

I find it difficult to put into words my experience with the children and staff of Faith in Deeds. As it was the most emotional of journeys throughout my life thus far, it’s quite overwhelming to select the appropriate words for a descriptive few short paragraphs. I suspect that might be commonplace with those of us who attend for our first time. I’ve spent the last month in constant thought about how it’s possible for kids to have such struggles, yet be so happy to spend one on one time with you. India is forever my second home and I look forward to returning for that necessary spiritual recharge. Thomas, Dana and the Staff of Faith in Deeds deserve much praise. For without their commitment, love and extreme faith, most of these children would be lost and forgotten (or worse). I certainly know I wouldn’t be the changed man I am today. I sincerely thank them for all they do.


My experience in India as a whole was life-changing. Experiencing a completely different culture in every way than what I’ve experienced abroad—India is a different ball game. But I was touched by particularly my time with the children and staff at Faith In Deeds children’s home. Playing barefoot volleyball and having to stand on a kid’s shoulders to tie the net on; riding on the back of a pick-up truck with piles of kids; watching their creative juices come out during art time; getting our adult tooshes whooped in a Bible quiz because the kids know more than we do; serving them food on a tiny stool out of a giant pot; witnessing their braveness as a group of us went out to share the good news to nearby villagers; receiving generosity and kindness from both staff and kids—there are countless moments of beauty that I experienced that stay precious in my mind. What moved me most—and too heavy tears—was hearing Thomas’s story. He lived in very similar shoes of these same kids and after having tasted the American life has come back to his roots and has devoted his life to helping the least of these. I needed to hear this story. Prior to this trip, I had felt frustrated and perplexed that God had chosen US—flawed human beings who disobey God half the time—to partner with Him in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. But what I saw in Thomas’s story and the Mollhagen family was obedience to do hard but redemptive work. There ARE people who are listening to God and changing the world. I needed to see it action, and at Faith In Deeds that is what I saw. I am now rejuvenated and ready to act on this new-found hope.

Chad Metz

It’s my belief that in order to fully appreciate one experience you need to have exposure to the opposite. Could you truly enjoy the warmth of summer without knowing what a cold winter day is like? How could you celebrate the thrill of victory without knowing what the agony of defeat feels like? For my trip to India it was the revelation between overwhelming joy and painful sadness. The kids display such amazing Joy from the minute you step onto the FID campus to the time you leave that it makes you feel better about yourself. I didn’t really appreciate their Joy until one night when Thomas had some of the kids share their “stories”. The emotional scars, tears, and pain from the kids were flowing freely on that evening and Joy was not to be found. It was at that point that I recognized where their Joy came from and saw the evidence of God’s healing power in these kid’s lives. God is using Faith in Deeds to help these kids overcome their past and transition from despair to hopefulness, from uncertainty to security, and greater yet, from Death to Life. Seeing and understanding both their sadness and Joy helped me to appreciate and love them all the more and continues to this day. ~Chad Metz

Suzy Roth

I was blown away by the smiles and love of the precious children at Faith in Deeds, an orphanage in India during a recent trip. There were so many moments that demonstrated this: the flower greeting, the prayers, the gifts back to us of the crafts they had made, the hugs, the goodbye letters painstakingly written in English. However, I was most touched by their sweet humility during a devotional that we did on Jesus telling the little children to come to him. During this we asked the children if they thought us adults had learned anything from them; they all said no. So, of course, we made sure to tell them all that we had learned from them! What a joy and privilege to partner with Faith in Deeds in bringing light to a dark place!

Mark Olivier

The single largest impact the trip had on me was that it changed how I saw the children we serve. These are not kids who deserve my pity, they earned my respect and adoration. They are smart, talented, funny, loving children, whom God loves very much, and whom I also love.