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Children’s Home

Faith In Deeds rescues orphaned and abandoned children from India’s slums by providing a loving, safe, 24/7 home for them. These children come from desperate circumstances such as abuse, neglect, and child labor. The Children’s Home provides everything they need to thrive: delicious and nutritious food, education, medical care, and many opportunities to play and build friendships. All the while, we share with them the love of Jesus through kindness, Bible study, prayer, and songs.

We care for children for as long as they need a home. For some, we are a safe refuge during a family crisis until they can be reunited. For others, we become their family and walk alongside them as they grow into adulthood and make a life for themselves. We work to build lasting relationships with these children because every child needs a loving family.

College Scholarship & Job Training

For teens at the Children’s Home who are finishing high school, we help them to assess what are their goals and talents and what is the best next step for them. For some of our teens, it is going to college to pursue a degree, and for others, it is learning a trade by working as an apprentice. We help them to reach their goal by providing college scholarships and job connections. We also teach basic, Bible-based money management where they learn to budget, save, and give. This is such a vital step for them in staying out of poverty is to have practical skills in managing money well. They become the adults who go out into their fields of expertise with God’s Word hidden in their hearts and it’s making a difference. Read one of our college students’ testimonies.

Sustainability Projects

We have a small agricultural business in India that helps to provide good quality food and great learning opportunities for the children. We have a farm that grows a variety of fruit, spices, and vegetables as well as a fish farm which the proceeds help to provide for our college students. We also have chickens, goats, cows, and water buffaloes which provide high-quality eggs, meat, and milk for the children. The kids enjoy learning about them too. These projects provide locals with jobs as well as helps to provide for the Children’s Home locally. Our goal is to grow this business to help more children. Contact us to learn more and/or help to grow our self-sustaining projects.

Community Outreach

Knowing Jesus changes our lives and how we treat others. As we study the Bible we ask the children “How do we live this out?” Our kids come up with great ideas to help like serving community meals, praying with the elderly and helping with their basic needs. They also share the Gospel in beautiful ways through song, dance, and drama. These children understand what it is like to live in poverty and they have hearts of compassion to help those hurting in their community. “Living out our faith in what we do”. James 2:14-18. When you support the Children’s Home, you are empowering us to continue to bless widows and disabled people in our community.