Our Kids

Child Spotlight

Little Divya

Divya is a sweet girl who loves to make sand castles and play with baby dolls. Now she has the freedom to do that because she has a safe, loving home at Faith In Deeds.

Divya is third of four kids. Her father passed away several years ago and her mother struggled to provide for her and her siblings. Divya’s mother tried everything from begging to collecting trash, but still, she could not make enough to feed her kids. Divya and her siblings spent their days trying to find food and protect themselves from many dangers on the streets. Joy, one of the Faith In Deeds college students, noticed the children struggling. She had compassion on them and listened to their story. Joy brought them to the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home in 2016.

Divya and her siblings were welcomed with open arms. Their mom is relieved that they are in a safe place and going to school. They have made great progress through a consistent routine, nutritious meals, and recreation provided to them at the Children’s Home.

Divya has been rescued from malnutrition and a dangerous life on the streets. She is being nurtured and disciplined daily in the Word of God. She also has made many friends. Meanwhile, her mother has found a job through Faith In Deed’s local network and is working to get to a place where she can provide for her children. However long little Divya calls Faith In Deeds Home, we pray that she is receiving God’s love and truth in her heart to impact her for the rest of her life.