Our Kids

Child Spotlight


Not only are the Faith In Deeds kids being nurtured today, but they are learning skills for tomorrow. Your participation makes Tommy’s story possible:

When Tommy was a toddler, his mom died from AIDS. He never knew his father. His aunt took him in, but she didn’t know what to do with Tommy while she worked in the fields, so she locked him up each day while she was away. Tommy’s uncle was angry because he already struggled to feed his own children and he didn’t want another mouth to feed. Tommy was left at the Children’s Home in 2010. He was three years old and unable to speak.

One of our older boys became Tommy’s “big brother”, helping him to get acquainted with other kids and to feel comfortable in his new home. It wasn’t long before Tommy started playing with the other kids and talking. He made fast friends.

Tommy is now in 6th grade. He has some difficulty with reading but excels in everything hands-on. He likes all things farm-related and caring for animals. He helps to care for the three Faith In Deeds dogs: Leo, Lilly, and Ronni. Tommy enjoys dancing and clears the dance floor with his energetic moves. He has come such a long the way from that scared, silent three-year-old years ago. Tommy is also developing spiritually as he studies the Bible and prays. He is becoming equipped with the Word of God so that he can go out and share the true love of Jesus in his community. Please pray for Tommy today to be encouraged and to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus.