Faith In Deeds


Kids Helping Kids 

By: Rebecca Beadner; 
parent and FID supporter

As parents we are always looking for opportunities to teach life lessons to our kids, aren’t we? We were presented with such an opportunity in our parenting journey this past year and have been blessed and encouraged by it more than we expected. 
Our tween daughter and preschool-aged son got carried away in our barn and ended up damaging some building materials my husband had stored there. While we were ecstatic they were playing nicely together, there needed to be a consequence. To reinforce the fact their fun involved something they had been told not to touch, and their activities damaged the materials to the point that they were now unusable, we decided they would have to do chores to work off the money. After what seemed like an eternity, actually about 8 months, the debt was paid and the kids were ready to move on with life. At this point, we did not personally need the money to replace the building materials but we felt it a better lesson for them to give their money away by donating it to a local ministry. 

My daughter wanted to pick her own ministry; after all, she had done the damage and the work! We agreed. Several months went by, then, Faith In Deeds visited Kids n Action at Calvary Church! She was immediately taken with the ministry and the kids that lived there, without their parents. “What!?!”, that was unheard of in her mind! She had so many questions and poured over their picture book, reading all the stories and learning all she could. This was the place. We contacted Thomas and arranged a meeting where Morgan could give him her donation. Thomas was so touched with her heart and desire to help that they did a FaceTime call with the kids at the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home. 
As parents, we were so touched to see her vision for the ministry grow and her desire to stay involved. She has been able to help Thomas buy a cow for the home that will provide for many of the daily needs of the kids. She has stayed in close contact with them and continues to give her tithes to the organization. 
We praise God for the chance to encourage her to think beyond herself. Thanks, Thomas and Dana for answering God’s call in your life. You have given our daughter a chance to put her faith into action!