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COVID Medical Relief


New cases and deaths from COVID have risen sharply throughout India to record levels. The majority of cases and deaths are going undocumented as many people are sick or dying in their homes without ever receiving any testing or medical care. Hospitals are reporting shortages of oxygen, supplies, and beds for both COVID and non-COVID related patients.  People are being denied admittance to hospitals due to a lack of space.

​Unfortunately, this is not going away anytime soon. Thomas (Faith In Deeds founder) sees the suffering in India first-hand and confirms the international news reports. He knows many adults who have passed away including a faithful pediatrician who served the Children's Home kids for over 10 years. The Faith In Deeds Board of Directors, Thomas, and Dana have prayerfully considered what we should do in this crisis and have concluded that the time to act is now.

For 8 years, Faith In Deeds has partnered with a local Christian ministry through our leper colony outreach. That Christian ministry also oversees a 70-bed hospital. They have been overrun with patients for several weeks now. They are running out of supplies and do not have enough equipment. Many people wait outside of the hospital struggling to breathe until hospital staff are able to administer oxygen to them. If they have more equipment they could set up a temporary clinic outside of the hospital.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Pray for the people of India! Ask the Lord to help and heal in mighty ways. Pray that He will use this tragedy for good, bringing His hope to a heartbroken place.
  2. Join us in supporting this small hospital through your giving:
    1. Oxygen tanks – one large oxygen tank in India currently costs $800.
    2. Ventilators/BiPAP machines – one ventilator costs $14,000.
    3. The hospital may also purchase more PPE, medications, and other equipment such as beds.

This hospital is connected with a local church. Many of the nurses and doctors who work there are Christians. As they are able, they pray with patients and connect them with the local church.

Please consider partnering with Faith In Deeds in your prayers and giving to provide life-saving equipment to this charity hospital in Andhra Pradesh. We are accepting donations for the rest of the month of May on their behalf. 100% of donations through this link will go to the charity hospital.




You may also donate via mail. Write the check to: Faith In Deeds, PO Box 908, Ada, MI 49301
In the memo write: COVID Medical Relief 

Thank you in advance for you participation! Please email with any questions.


You may wonder why India is facing such a huge COVID crisis in now. These are some of the main contributing factors:

  1. The healthcare infrastructure of India was grossly inadequate even before COVID.
  2. Many have chronic health problems such as asthma, diabetes, and/or heart disease that are poorly managed increasing their likelihood of more serious illness from the virus.
  3. India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world contributing to the spread.
  4. Many are malnourished and have weakened immune systems.