Their Home

Their Home

The Faith In Deeds Children has lived in rental buildings since 2006. Having our own permanent campus has long been a part of our goal, but it has not been possible until now. We broke ground in January 2019 and we are currently building the children a permanent home.  Will you be a part of blessing them with a campus that furthers the mission to rescue and disciple? Listed are a few of the current housing difficulties and the benefits that a permanent home would bring:

Current Housing Challenges:

  • The rental building is located near busy train tracks. The state is planning to expand those tracks at which point the children will be evicted from the rental building.
  • There is inadequate space to play, a lack of privacy, and increased safety risks.
  • The FID kids currently live in two rental buildings costing $2200 per month. 
New Campus Benefits:
  • The children will have a safe place to run and play outside, pets included.
  • The Children’s Home could no longer be evicted and the kids will have privacy and increased security (and it will be wheelchair accessible).
  • It will save more than 12% of monthly operating funds.
  • It increases our ability to bless the community by having space to host community Bible studies, medical clinics, job training, and more.

Will you please consider helping to build the kids a permanent home? We have the land, the architectural building plans, materials, and work crews. The foundation is complete and we are beginning to pour the first floor. We are 65% funded. Please help to finish this home for these children. You can make such a difference here!


Watch the new construction and building progress since breaking ground in February 2019!