I was blown away by the smiles and love of the precious children at Faith in Deeds, orphanage in India during a recent trip. There were so many moments that demonstrated this: the flower greeting, the prayers, the gifts back to us of the crafts they had made, the hugs, the goodbye letters painstakingly written in English. However, I was most touched by their sweet humility during a devotional that we did on Jesus telling the little children to come to him. During this we asked the children if they thought us adults had learned anything from them; they all said no. So, of course, we made sure to tell them all that we had learned from them! What a joy and privilege to partner with Faith in Deeds in bringing light to a dark place!
~Suzy Roth

It's my belief that in order to fully appreciate one experience you need to have exposure to the opposite. Could you truly enjoy the warmth of summer without knowing what a cold winter day is like? How could you celebrate the thrill of victory without knowing what the agony of defeat feels like? For my trip to India it was the revelation between overwhelming joy and painful sadness. The kids display such amazing Joy from the minute you step onto the FID campus to the time you leave that it makes you feel better about yourself. I didn't really appreciate their Joy until one night when Thomas had some of the kids share their "stories". The emotional scars, tears, and pain from the kids were flowing freely on that evening and Joy was not to be found. It was at that point that I recognized where their Joy came from and saw the evidence of God's healing power in these kid's lives. God is using Faith in Deeds to help these kids overcome their past and transition from despair to hopefulness, from uncertainty to security, and greater yet, from Death to Life. Seeing and understanding both their sadness and Joy helped me to appreciate and love them all the more and continues to this day.
~Chad Metz

The single largest impact the trip had on me was that it changed how I saw the children we serve. These are not kids who deserve my pity, they earned my respect and adoration. They are smart, talented, funny loving children, whom God loves very much, and whom I also love.
~Mark Olivier

My name is Rachel and I have had the privilege of being able to spend the last six months with Thomas and Dana and all of the FID kids. Over the last six months I have been blessed beyond words; all of the laughs, stories and memories are something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There are so many things that I have learned and enjoyed during my time here, but the one thing that has impacted me the most is the work that God is doing through FID and what a light this ministry is in the community. One of my favorite moments during my time here and something I will always remember happened while Shyam, a 12 year old student at FID, and I were hanging out and talking. A Hindu band passed by playing music which prompted a conversation on the topic of Hinduism. In the middle of our conversation Shyam got a very serious look on his face and looked right at me and in his broken English said "Rachel Sister, my hindu no, my Jesus." This to me says it all, and although it may seem like such a simple little comment, it will always be one of my favorite memories and is such a testament to what God is doing in the lives of these kids. If it weren't for this ministry, chances are most of these kids would not have the opportunity to hear about the love of our Heavenly Father. I am so excited to see the work God will continue to do through FID and also to see how He will use these kids to go out and make disciples in the surrounding communities. I am so thankful to have had the privilege of being "big sister" to all the kiddos and getting to know their individual personalities better has been so fun. Some of my favorite times were spent just playing games, laughing and dancing with them. The amount of joy that radiates from these kids is contagious. I have learned that like most boys, these boys are fiercely competitive, curious, and are always good for a laugh. The girls are also competitive, (which makes boys vs. girls games interesting), but also gentle, and so very loving and helpful. The babies have smiles that can light up any room, are very busy, and are always good for a cuddle or a hug. I will miss each one of them and everything about the children's home dearly.
~Rachel Collins

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The presence of the FID Childrens Home, and the process of the discipleship of the children who reside there, lends to an overall system of social development within the community in which it serves.


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