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Rescued From Child Labor

Emily and Suzy worked every day crushing and sifting rocks into gravel. Read below how they were given back their childhood.

Rescued from child labor

Emily, Suzy, and Monee’s parents work in a quarry. They started working at that quarry as kids just as their parents had before them. None of their family members have ever gone to school. They are unable to read or write. At 11 years old, Emily has worked in that same quarry with her parents for 4 years. She started with the “light work” of sifting gravel through screens. Then at 9 years old, she began the heavier daily work of using a mallet and chisel to break larger rocks into gravel. Suzy, now 7 years old, also started working in the quarry sifting gravel. Both older sisters take turns watching Monee. They didn’t know that life could be any different for them.

That all changed one day when a friend of the Children’s Home noticed these girls working. He asked permission from their parents if he could inquire about a place where they could go to school. They heartily agreed.

Emily, Suzy, and Monee came to the Children’s Home in June of 2018. Emily loves going to school. She is excited to learn and eager to catch up for the years of school she lost while working. Emily and Suzy said that this is the first time in their lives they’ve had the freedom to really play. Suzy has made a lot of friends and giggles a lot. Monee likes preschool but enjoys being with her big sisters best. Meanwhile, the Faith In Deeds staff is slowly building a relationship with the girls’ parents to see how this family can be reunited with the girls still attending school.

Both Emily and Suzy are interested during our Bible study time and have been learning Bible verses. Their hearts are tender to the Lord. Please pray for them that God would work in their lives.

To each of you who give, pray, and volunteer for Faith In Deeds, thank you for giving Emily, Suzy, and Monee an opportunity to be children, to go to school, and to know that Jesus loves them so.