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Child Spotlight

Ramudu & Lakshmana

Ramudu and Lakshmana are identical twin brothers. Their parents were unable to provide for them and abandoned them at a government hostel for children which is for older children. The care there is poor and these little boys were at high risk of being abused. When we learned of their circumstances we asked to bring them to the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home so they could be safe, have the freedom to be little kids, and receive the nurturing care they need. They came to Faith In Deeds in July of 2018. They have adjusted well and have made many friends.

Together they find fun and mischief in everything they do at the Children’s Home. We’re thankful that they have the freedom to be silly little guys. Lakshmana tends to be the mastermind of their mischief. He often finds a way to get his little brother (by 5 minutes) in trouble. Ramudu is loyal and usually goes along with his big brother’s plan. There is never a dull moment with them around!

In our daily devotional time at the Children’s Home, they are learning of Jesus’ personal love for them. Please pray for Ramudu and Lakshmana to begin to understand His love and redemption. Pray that one day their family could be reunited as we reach out to their parents to encourage and equip them to be the mother and father they are called to be. Please join Faith In Deeds Ministry in providing a safe haven for these little boys.