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Child Spotlight


Faith In Deeds Mission is to Rescue, Disciple, Reintegrate. We want to share in the context of a child’s story what the Rescue looks like. Pallavi was rescued from neglect and abuse.

This past November during one of Thomas’ trips to India, a friend came to the Children’s Home and said “There is a little girl abandoned by her mother. You need to come quickly.” Thomas and one of our staff went to the hut that our friend described. There was little Pallavi tied to a post inside. Thomas described with tears the condition in which he found her. She had been neglected for a few days and was dirty, hungry, and frightened.

Thomas and the Children’s Home staff lovingly nurtured and cared for her. At first, Pallavi clung to Vijaya (Thomas’ sister) and then as she slowly became comfortable with the kids. Vinitha, Bhanu, and Rajee have all become like big sisters to Pallavi and have really helped her adjust to her new home. It took a few weeks for her to learn that she didn’t have to hoard food at mealtime because she could count on consistent meals. Her favorite food is chicken curry.

She has quickly won over the hearts of everyone at Faith In Deeds with her beautiful smile. She is now doing well in preschool. Bhanu, our resident matching game expert, is quickly teaching her how to excel in all of the little kids’ games.

Pallavi’s story reminds us of why the ministry’s work is so important. There are so many children hurting. They need a safe place to be nurtured and to learn of the love of Jesus. The FID Children’s Home is that haven in our small community in South India.

Thank you for your part in creating this safe place for Pallavi. Your prayers, support, and care make a big difference here.