Posted on May 30, 2019
Please read Joyís personal testimony written in her own words to better understand the impact of your prayers and support for Faith In Deeds Childrenís Home:

My name is Joy. My goal is to become a teacher. I want to thank all of the Faith In Deeds Staff and Management and all of the supporters with all of my heart.

When I was little my father died. My mom had kidney problems. She couldnít do much work. I am one of four sisters. When my mother was sick and my father passed away no one wanted to come near us because many girls are a liability. Even my own relatives wouldnít let us come near them and we struggled and were hungry. My own grandparents left on us on the street. When I was little my oldest sister, Bhagasree, took care of my mom and us younger girls.

There was barely any food for us to eat. We ate one meal a day and that was all we had. We didnít have a place to go. We played on the streets when it Sisters: Bhagasree & Joy 2009 was sunny, when it was raining, we were on the street all the time. We slept next to the street. When my father died. His body laid at the side of a house. No one helped to carry him. They left us with his body. We washed my fatherís body and buried him because no one else would do it. When my mother was sick and in the government hospital they provided her with meals. She would eat a little and share the rest of each of her meals with us.

One pastor saw us and brought us to the Faith In Deeds Childrenís Home. Before we came to the Childrenís Home all of our friends that we played with all went to school. We used to go to school before my dad passed away, but then we missed out. Now at the Home, I got to go to school again.

I came to the childrenís home when I was 8 years old. I saw how all of the Childrenís Home kids were kind and welcomed us. I was amazed. Before I came to the Childrenís Home I didnít know who Jesus is or who God is, but now at the Childrenís Home, I saw everyone praying. When I first sat with them in prayer I didnít understand anything they were doing. I didnít know how to pray. I didnít know how to read the Bible. I had never had a Bible in my life. After two days later, Vijaya Madame (Thomasí sister) talked with me about prayer and how to pray. After that Thomas Sir and Dana Madame taught me Godís word verse by verse and that is how I began to read and understand the Bible. I also learned about the true living God. When I was in 6th grade I accepted Christ as my Savior with all my heart. Pastor Brian and Thomas Sir baptized me in the river in 2009.

Now at the Childrenís Home, I help by teaching the younger children what Iíve learned in the word of God. I love sharing all of the good Bible stories from the Bible. I love the story of Esther and the story of the good Samaritan. I have learned how to bring order and get the little kids to listen well even when the adults are not around. Iíve also learned how to cook and I can cook well. I also had sewing lessons and learned how to sew. I didnít learn these skills on my own but Thomas Sir, Dana Madame, and Vijaya Madame made sure that I had opportunities to learn.

Iíve been encouraged by learning this from Dana Madame that I have the ability to learn anything and I donít have to be afraid. Because of their encouragement, I am a Sunday school teacher and I teach our kids and the village children every Sunday morning. When I was in 6th grade I had a desire to be a Sunday school teacher but I didnít tell anybody. I asked God and now this year Thomas Sir asked me to teach Sunday school and I have been so happy. I want to thank God and Thomas Sir for Leighanna & Joy 2017 encouraging me to become a Sunday school teacher - a dream come true!

My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 121:1-8. I have finished my education through Jr College. I was first in my class. Iím currently getting training in an elementary education diploma program. I want to become a teacher because so many teachers are not teaching well and are destroying childrenís lives. They are not disciplining the children with love and they are not telling them the truth. They are using the kids for their own gain. They want to save their job, but not actually do the work of teaching. I have experienced first hand with the teachers not teaching and yet still keeping their jobs. Most of the teachers I have learned from our Hindu teachers teaching a Hindu world view. They do not give Christians these jobs. I am an outcast and they treat me disrespectfully. If you are registered as a Christian they will not give you an education certificate to teach. I have experienced rejection from Hindu teachers and when I saw my friends and how lowly they treat and disrespect Christians. I saw the mistreatment. I want to be a Christian Teacher to carefully share the truth with my students. Even now when I go to my teacher training I see how they discriminate against Christians. There are not many Christians teachers in public school and people are afraid to teach the truth. This is why I am choosing to become a teacher in a public school so that I can teach the truth about Jesus. I want to tell them when they are little so that I can plant the good seed of truth.

I learned at the childrenís home with Thomas Sir, Dana Madame, and Vijaya Madame, that I can teach the Gospel wherever I go. Those are the skills I have learned and they have taught me well. When we have holidays Thomas Sir, Vijaya Madame, and Dana Madame take us to do outreach in leper colonies and show us how to live out our faith. I learned at the childrenís home how to love people and how to help people. I want to do that. In school, the teachers do not let the poor children come near them. They do not teach the lower caste, poor kids. I have seen that every day. Thatís why I want to become a teacher so that I can change a childrenís life by giving them the Word of God. I want to treat everyone equally. By the end of this year, I will be finishing up my teacherís training thanks to the FID Childrenís Home staff, management, and supporters.

Right now I am studying in a Christian college, but it is only Christian in name. They do not teach the Bible or prayer. Most Christian schools in India are that way. Since I was 8 years old Iíve seen at the FID Childrenís Home. They teach the Bible. They teach the truth. They teach how to bring love and change to the community. This is the truth that I have experienced. What Iíve learned at the FID Childrenís Home is how to discipline with love and how to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I want to walk in the way of Jesus. If Iím going to become the headmaster (principal) of a public school, I need your help. I want to become the leader in the school so that I can hire more Christian teachers and teachers who do their job well. I need three more years of schooling to do this.

Thank you so much!

Your Sister in Jesus,