Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faith In Deeds?
Faith In Deeds is a charitable organization that cares for orphaned and abandoned children in India primarily through a 24/7 Children’s Home. We are intentional about making the Children’s Home a family-like atmosphere because we believe that children should grow up in a loving family.
Why is it called a Children's Home and not an orphanage?
Not all of the children in our care are orphans. Some children need a safe place to live until their relatives are able to care for them again. Whenever it is possible, we work to reunite families by assisting parents to find employment, etc. Also, the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home is not an institution. Our kids have pets. They can invite friends home with them from school. We know them by name and celebrate their birthdays.
How many kids does Faith In Deeds care for?

What is a Project-driven Ministry?

Because of our desire to lovingly care for children we intentionally keep the Children’s Home to around 50 children. We make exceptions in times of crisis but we want to make sure that our emphasis is on quality care not quantity.
When do the kids age out?

What are the advantages of a project-driven model?

There is no certain age where a young adult ages out of Faith In Deeds. Through a personal relationship, we assist them in pursuing their goals for higher education, employment, and sometimes even starting a family of their own. In many cases, we continue to keep in touch even after they are completely independent from the Faith In Deeds because we care for one another. We are a family.
Who cares for the kids?

Is there a Biblical principle for the project-driven model?

Our trusted local staff. The children at the Children’s Home are Indian kids and we respect Indian culture so for the most part these kids are cared for by local Indian people who can best help them in learning their culture and cook for them delicious Indian food. 
What else does Faith In Deeds do?

What do you mean by multiplication-minded?

There is a college scholarship program that our kids can apply for. We have local business projects that help our community as well as assist the Children’s Home in working towards being self-sustaining and give our kids great hands-on learning opportunities. There is also an outreach program that has two-fold benefits: it serves the destitute in our community as well as empowers our older children to help those in need. 

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