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Durgama Learns To Read

With your help, Faith In Deeds is empowering children with the ability to read! In our modern life the ability to read is often taken for granted, but for a poor girl in India the literacy rate is still only around 55%. At Faith In Deeds we value and encourage education starting with reading and we want every child who finds a safe haven with us to further their reading abilities.

Durgama’s parents are illiterate and have worked for years at a quarry as indentured servants after borrowing the equivalent of $350. She told us that she has seen her parents be forced to place their fingerprints, instead of a signature, on contracts that they can’t read while being told that they still haven’t paid off their debt. Durgama never had an opportunity to go to school as she started working alongside her parents at the age of 6. She made it her goal to learn how to read any way she could. She heard of Faith In Deeds through other children who were rescued out of child labor. She came to live at Faith In Deeds last summer at 11 years old. She is eagerly learning how to read and write which will change her life.

In addition to learning how to read, Durgama has soaked up the Bible stories and lessons like a thirsty plant springing into new life. Though she had to return to her parents during the Covid-19 lockdown she has her school books and Bible with her and she is continuing her studies on her own for now. Please pray for Durgama and her family to be transformed by the love of Jesus.

Watch this short video clip to hear Durgama learning how to read.