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Child Spotlight

Congratulations Prasanna!

Prasanna graduates with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing this December and she is already using her medical skills to serve and bless her community. She is living out our long-term dream for all of the Faith In Deeds children.

She has overcome much. Prasanna was traveling with her parents by train when there was a terrible accident. Both of her parents died and Prasanna was injured and left alone. Eventually a family noticed Prasanna and took pity on her. They brought her home and cared for her. She appreciated the family’s care but she felt her life was over. That family also suffered tragedy and loss. They heard about a small home that cares for orphaned children. Prasanna and her 3 new sisters were left at the Children’s Home in 2006.

Her new home was overwhelming at first, but eventually Prasanna grew to love all of the other children and staff. She experienced hope, peace, and joy like never before. She worked hard through high school and has maintained good grades. She developed a love for the medical field while observing the small Faith In Deeds’ clinics. She helped at the clinics whenever she could and decided that she wanted to become a nurse.

Prasanna is excited to finish her college degree. Her incredible sense of humor brings with it a beautiful laugh. Prasanna is co-leading a Bible study with a couple of her friends in their college dormitory. We are so thankful for God’s grace in her life which has brought her through many difficulties and empowering her to disciple others. Prasanna’s love for Jesus radiates as she compassionately serves those in need. Please join us in congratulations, thankfulness and prayer as Prasanna embraces her new career in nursing.