Faith In Deeds


Christmas in the New Building!

We’re excited to share that we celebrated Christmas in the new building! It is not move-in ready quite yet, but we were able to cook and serve a delicious meal for our children and throughout the afternoon around 100 of our neighbors joined to celebrate. It is a hint of what is to come. This facility will bless many! Photos below give you a glimpse the day:

Christmas morning started early with a small worship service on the land. We praise Jesus for coming to earth to live among us and love us. We gathered around the fire for the “cool winter morning” (in Southern India that means around 65 degrees F).  

From Left to Right: Lawrence, Jacob, Nishi, Swapna, Daniel, Elise, Joy, and Ravi (shepherd). See carpentry workshop in the background where carpenters have been constructing tables, chairs, shelves, and benches to furnish the new building. They also recently completed chicken coops to increase our chickens.

Our neighbors came to celebrate Christmas with us. While Faith In Deeds college students enjoyed serving the meal.

We hired 4 cooks to make all of the food for this Christmas feast. Though the permanent kitchen is not completed yet, they readliy made all of the delicious curries in a make-shift kitchen outside.

Chicken curry, bean curry, lamb biryani, sambar, and yogurt chutney just to name a few of the dishes. Yum!

In traditional Southern Indian style, everyone was served on a festive green banana leaf right from our own banana grove, talk about biodegrable and eco friendly!

Though we have faced so many challenges this past year, we celebrate and know that our hope is in heaven sure and unchanging. We ponder and share Christ’s love that is more faithful than the sunrise.