Faith In Deeds


Chinna, Our Shepherd

“Jesus gave me peace.”

Chinna is a shepherd who cares for the Faith In Deeds goats, chickens, and helps on the farm. A wild cat got to some of our chickens so Chinna started sleeping on the farm at night to protect them. Chinna and his family grew up only knowing Hinduism. Chinna mentioned a few times that he was afraid and having trouble sleeping. Something evil (he called it a ghost) was bothering him at night. One day Chinna was exhausted. He explained to Thomas that something evil had physically attacked him. The cot he was
sleeping on was flipped over and he fell to the ground but he couldn’t see anyone there. He couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and just sat by the fire afraid. He asked Thomas to pray over him. Thomas prayed for him in Jesus’ name, quoting Scripture and asking the Lord to fight this spiritual battle so that Chinna could have peace. Thomas also gave him a Bible. 

That night Chinna had his first night of peaceful sleep in a long time and he has had peaceful sleep every night since. He joyfully reported to Thomas the next morning “You serve the powerful God! When you prayed over me I was testing your God if He had power over this evil. I had prayed to my gods before, but nothing happened. Jesus gave me peace. I’m getting rid of all of the idols in my house and I want to pray to Jesus alone!”  

Chinna then threw out all of the idols from his home. He asked for Bibles for his sons too. Thomas continues to share Scripture with him and is teaching him about Jesus our Savior. Chinna, his wife, Lexmi, and their two sons have now all professed faith in Jesus. We praise the Lord for doing this redeeming work in their lives!  

Chinna’s testimony reminds us of the spiritual battle that is taking place around us whether we are aware of it or not. We are exhorted to be strong in the Lord and to put on the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-20