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Songs of grace for her Mom 

Dear Faith In Deeds Family,

In 2011 Bhanu’s mother, Madavee, planned to abandon her daughter on the side of the highway. Bhanu was only three years old. By God’s grace, Madavee left her at the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home gate instead. Bhanu had a hard time adjusting at first, but soon she made friends and was excited to start preschool. Bhanu has an excellent memory and learns quickly.
Two years later Madavee unexpectedly came to visit. Bhanu sang songs of grace to her and she wept. Madavee shared with us how she had been deceived and mistreated. She also shared that she knew it was wrong that she had abandoned Bhanu and she longed for the grace that Bhanu sang of.
With the help of Faith In Deeds staff, Bhanu shared Jesus’ love and forgiveness with her mom. Madavee placed her trust in Jesus. Madavee now has a full-time job as a nurse aid that provides for herself and she is saving for Bhanu’s future. She spends much of her time off serving at the Children’s Home.

Bhanu was rescued from abandonment. She is being disciplined daily at the Children’s Home along with her friends and has memorized many Bible verses in English and Telugu (come hear her recite a verse at the banquet). She loves to dance and play memory games. She is thankful to have a relationship with her mom again. She is now in 5th grade and she is excelling in her classes. As a supporter of Faith In Deeds Ministry, you are an important part of Bhanu and Madavee’s story. Thank you!