Who is Faith In Deeds?

Rescue - Disciple - Reintegrate

Rescue children from India's slums | Disciple them in the way of Christ |
Reintegrate them into their communities

Faith In Deeds Ministry is dedicated to rescuing children in India from desperate conditions such as abandonment, abuse, neglect, and disease. Many of these children are "untouchables", which further isolates and oppresses them. Thomas Mollhagen was one of these abandoned, untouchable kids. Through prayer and personal experience, he developed a unique children's home that lovingly embraces and nurtures each child as part of a family. 

The children's home has been rescuing kids for more than 10 years. We now have young adults who have grown up in the home and who are going to college. Faith In Deeds is dedicated to equipping them to be gainfully employed and reintegrating them into their communities, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse, and fostering a biblical world view. Through local agricultural projects and small businesses, we are working towards self-sustainability, as well as providing hands-on education and experience for our young adults.


Meet the Kids

The presence of the FID Childrens Home, and the process of the discipleship of the children who reside there, lends to an overall system of social development within the community in which it serves.


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