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Child Spotlight

A testimony of God’s redeeming grace

As you know, many jobs have been lost across the globe due to the effects of the Covid-19 lockdowns.  This is especially true in India.  In His providence God has supplied employment for two special individuals, while at the same time meeting needs at the Children’s Home.  Thomas’ vision for the new building includes creating a hospitable environment in which to serve our children and the surrounding community for many years to come.  A variety of furniture is needed in this regard, including a long table around which to host large groups and sturdy benches to place at the front entrance.  We needed a skilled carpenter who could craft these items utilizing local wood, and God graciously provided just the person we were seeking, one who was a lot closer to us than we realized. 


One of our dear original children, Bagasree (Joy’s oldest sister), came to the Children’s Home in 2006 when she was 10 years old.  I (Dana) first met Bagasree on my initial trip to India in 2009.  We bonded immediately – like kindred spirits – and we’ve called each other sister ever since.  There is a special kindness about her and a great desire to honor God.  As a young teenager, Bagasree was reunited with her mother, completed high school, and entered into an arranged marriage with a local man named Sunil. 


Sunil was trained as a carpenter and had gained experience, but lost his job due to the Covid lockdowns.  Bagasree reached out to Thomas, asking if her husband could be hired to help on the farm, but Thomas had a much better job for him! Sunil is now employed in his trade, working on-site to make tables, chairs, benches, and chicken coops for the new Children’s Home.  Meanwhile, Bagasree is caring for a couple of children from the Home while she also mothers her own two sons.  Who better to hire to nurture children than one who was herself rescued and discipled in the love of Christ? We praise the Lord that we can offer good employment for Bagasree and Sunil, and we are grateful for the quality work they provide and how they seek to further the love of Christ in this community.  Bagasree, from being a rescued child to nurturing other rescued children, her family is a testimony of God’s redeeming grace. Please pray for them to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus.