Joy's Journey

In 2006, 3 girls found themselves fatherless after their dad lost his battle with cancer. Their mother already had chronic health problems, and being outcastes, it left the girls with very few desirable options. As they were struggling to survive, a neighbor showed them a local newspaper that featured Thomas’ story and the new children’s home. Their mother wasted no time in taking her daughters to the children’s home where they could be provided for and go to school. Bagasree (10), Joy (8), and Swapna (4) made fast friends with the other children. 

Joy took advantage of every opportunity to learn in school and on the various outings that Thomas and the staff provided. The Bible lessons were particularly interesting to her. Never had she heard that she is valuable and loved. These truths transformed the way she thought about herself and her future. As Joy began to ponder Jesus’ sacrifice for her, she accepted, in faith, her forgiveness and freedom in Christ. She was made new. 

Joy has always had a heart for children. She has helped her little sister and other little ones. As she excelled in school, it soon became her dream to be a teacher. Could she dare dream of such a thing? Being a school teacher required a college degree. No one in her family had ever gone to college. In fact, no one in her family had ever finished high school, yet this dream quietly grew in her heart. In 2010, changes took place in Joy’s family and her extended family took the girls back home with them. 

It was a difficult transition for Joy to leave the children’s home. Thankfully she was still able to continue going to school. As she was finishing high school, her aunt told her that she would be married to a much older man, a widower, basically to be his servant. Joy said that she did not want to marry the man, but her aunt said it was the only option for a girl without a dowry. Joy was fearful for her future. What would become of her dreams? She began to pray and she contacted the children’s home. When she explained her situation, Thomas readily welcomed her back and helped her to pursue her dream of going to college. 

Joy is now in her second year of college getting a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She is excelling in her studies so much that her professors have encouraged her to pursue further certification that would allow her to become a principal one day if she so chooses. 

Joy is witty and quietly determined. She can’t wait to show her family that she can succeed as a teacher and to inspire other girls with challenging backgrounds that their lives can be different. She is an inspiration to all of us that God has beautiful plans for each of us when we trust and follow Him. 
                          Joy at her tenth birthday and as a second-year college student
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The presence of the FID Childrens Home, and the process of the discipleship of the children who reside there, lends to an overall system of social development within the community in which it serves.


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